SolePT is a specialised Personal Training and Semi-Private Group Training studio unlike no other. We offer the whole package and the very highest standards of training and results with our expert coaches. You don’t just get access to our studio and hope you get yourself fit and in shape. We bring our systematic ‘whole package’ product to the table for every member, you become part of the SolePT community the moment you step through our doors. We bring you our expertise in the fitness industry to guide you, mentor you and coach you to achieve not just amazing results, but lifelong results…

Worried about age? fitness level? ability? or just generally anxious?… Don’t be, we cater for all abilities and we welcome everyone through our doors and always start with the basics, no one is treated any differently and is always welcome in our studio.



SolePT achieves its results through our very simple philosophy ‘knowledge is power’. You have complete access to not only one Personal Coach, but the whole team of SolePT Coaches to guide, facilitate and motivate you to achieve your long-standing health and fitness goals.

We have turned Personal Training on its head….why? because it limits our scope to reach new members and can restrict training options. We want you to feel a part of a community and always come to a training session ready to motivate, encourage and be part of a team.



We have turned our Semi-Private Group Training into our new ‘whole package’ product so every single SolePT member gets that personal coach experience. We have adapted the one-to-one personal touch and expanded it across our whole membership. You’ll have access to over 20 group training sessions weekly, VIP area only access, personalised logs, nutrition documents, personalised assessments and re-assessment and your very own accountable coach to help you guarantee your results!!

Want to give it a try? come and join us on our 28 Day Experience Programme and let us show you what can be achieved!

Still interested in One-To-One Personal Training?… Not a problem, get in touch via our contact page and one of our coaches will get back to you within 24 hours.

Join our 28-day experience

Find out what its truly like to be part of the SolePT community before signing up. Experience the unique fitness culture we provide and sample the rewards you gain from training with like-minded individuals and let us help you (re)discover your passion for fitness and get the results that you’ve always wanted.

Meet Our Trainers



Level 4 Qualified Personal Trainer



Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer



Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer

See What Our Members Say…

Thoroughly enjoyed my first two sessions at Sole PT, even the one at 7am this morning!!! Looking forward to the next session! Thanks Paul & Andy!

Debbie Tomkinson

I’m 56 years old and look like a marshmallow…hated exercise and did’nt stick to diets. Have now attended 5 times and I am usually in fits of giggles. Must be a record. THE place to go to build body confidence and get fit Great fun

Jessica DeerHound

I’m one of those people who absolutely hates fitness, and since joining SolePT I can honestly say I am thoroughly enjoying it! It’s such a nice feeling to feel so welcome somewhere I’d usually avoid…

Courtney Wallett

These guys really are incredible. So friendly and welcoming. They treat each person as an individual and are more then happy to cater for people’s needs and requirements. I genuinely feel…

Chris Jolley




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